Collections Graphic

In review of the current situation with unpaid fees totaling more than $61,000 over the past 3 school years (19-20, 20-21, & 21-22), Spencer Schools has determined that it is necessary to involve a Collection Service to aid in recovering these unpaid fees.

Any fees, assigned during the 19-20 school year until the present, that are currently 90 days past due will have 30 days to pay their fee balance in full or the fee amount will be turned over to the collection service. Attempts to notify the families with past due fees will be made through email.

Families with currently enrolled students can use the Campus Parent to make payments online or payments can be made at any district building.

Currently emails are sent out to student contacts the day a fee is assigned. We will begin to also send out notices at 30, 60 and 90 days to remind families that a fee remains unpaid. The 90 day notice will be the final notice and should the fee remain unpaid at 120 days this fee will be sent to collections and no additional communications will take place.

Questions regarding specific fees should be directed to the building where your student attends. The building secretary will explain the fee or transfer your call to a more appropriate person who can better explain the fee, if necessary. Please avoid calling during high call times such as the start or end of school and lunch time hours.

Questions regarding the collection process or collection service should be directed to Amber at 712-262-8950.