Spencer Community School Regulations for Students Riding Buses
Code No. 702.8R

Pupils transported in a school bus during regular routes shall be under the authority of and responsible to the driver of the bus. When students are transported for an activity, the coach or sponsor is responsible for student conduct.

Activity director will handle discipline problems during activity routes. Discipline problems during regular routes are to be handled in the following manner:

1) First Time: Verbal warning to the student by the bus driver.   2) Second Time: The warning will result in discipline by the principal. The student’s name and description of the incident will be written up on the Bus Violation Report Form and given to the director of transportation and the building principal and/or the activity director. The principal or activity director will contact the student and parents to explain the following:

  • Bus Privileges

  • Bus Conduct Rules

  • Regulations for students riding buses, Code No. 702.8R

A copy of the report, action taken, and future consequences will be sent to the parent.   3) Third Time: The principal will set up a meeting with the student and parents. At the discretion of the principal, the transportation supervisor may be involved. The action will be a problem-solving session and could result in a three-day suspension of bus privileges.   4) Fourth Time: Long term suspension of bus privileges may result after the parents are notified of the incident. Also Central Office will be notified of this step prior to the suspension. Long term suspension is 10 days to the rest of year depending on severity of the case.   Note: If the safety of the busload of students is in jeopardy or in case of severe insubordination, the step process may be eliminated and students will be suspended from riding the bus.