May is School Board Recognition Month, sponsored by the Iowa Association of School Boards to celebrate the contributions of board members to Iowa public education. This year’s theme is “Developing Iowa’s Future Together”. Spencer Community Schools is celebrating the work of our school board, who has maintained their commitment to students, schools, and communities while facing challenges and making decisions they never could have anticipated when they were elected.

“While school board members are elected by the community, they serve as unpaid navigators who help students set sail by devoting their time to monthly meetings, reviewing board materials, communicating with citizens, exploring learning opportunities, and attending school functions and activities. Most importantly, our school board has made tough choices that impact the health and safety of students, staff and the school community, while continuing to prioritize student achievement and educational equity,” said Terry Hemann, Superintendent.

The Spencer School Board is charged with charting the course for our school district. They oversee the budget, develop policies, set the atmosphere for the district, and make decisions that impact the entire community.

The board members serving Spencer Schools are: Bob Whittenburg, Board President, Bill Zinn, Vice-President, and members Shelby Haak, Phil Bieber and Brea Schmidt.