2022-23 KinderKids and Kindergarten Registration

Online Registration and Open House

Johnson Elementary

Welcome to Spencer Schools!

We are looking forward to meeting the 2022-2023 KinderKids and Kindergarten students! It is important that we have the names of children who will begin elementary school in the fall. To be eligible for KinderKids or Kindergarten, a child must be five (5) years old on or before September 15, 2022. All of our Preschool, KinderKids, and Kindergarten students attend Johnson Elementary.

Spencer Schools provide an optional Kindergarten program called KinderKids. Parents who feel their child would benefit from an extra year of Kindergarten have KinderKids as an option. This program is designed specifically for young school-age children turning five after March 1 and before September 15. All ”young” five-year-olds are welcome and will be accepted into the program. Additional information will be provided on the March 21st open house. At the open house you will see the teachers and will be able to ask questions about kindergarten or kinderkids.

If you would like more detailed information about anything relating to KinderKids, Kindergarten or Johnson School prior to our open house, please feel free to call Johnson Elementary Secretary or Principal Melissa K. McGuire at (712) 262-2710. You can also email Principal McGuire at mmcguire@spencerschools.org. An open house will be held on Monday, March 21st at 1:30-2:30pm and 5:30-6:30pm. .You only need to attend one session.

Register for KinderKids / KindergartenRoundup at our website. Registration will be open until May 29th, and then again June-August.

*Current Spencer Schools preschool and KinderKids students do not need to fill out the online registration.

* All families will be asked to proof and update their information during the July/August registration period.

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Additional Questions can be directed to:

Johnson Elementary

Call: 712-262-2710 or Email: lselzer@spencerschools.org

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