Music on the Move

Music on the Move
Posted on 10/06/2016

Drumtastic is a new curriculum that has been incorporated into elementary music, thanks to a grant from the Spencer Community School Foundation.  During each class, students get a whole mind, whole body experience by combining movement and rhythm into an engaging, creative experience.  The program integrates movement, rhythm, and cognition through skills that connect right and left brain activities.

Elementary music teacher, Jackie Bryan says that teaching this program has been amazing.  “It has been fun, exhausting, but fun.  I really see the benefits for our students.  Not only are we using rhythm and music to teach, but the physical benefits are just as important.”

Bryan said that through Drumtastic, students are learning to become independent musicians.  They must be responsible for the rhythms, keeping a steady beat and counting to correctly perform patterns.  Additionally, there are activities that create teamwork, where students are responsible for themselves as well as the group as a whole.  The program helps students think in patterns and multi-task between the body movement and the rhythmic foundation.  It challenges the students, yet they are excited to come to class.  Bryan noted, “I think our students are doing fantastic.  They are engaged and learning every day.  I have no doubt they are enjoying this curriculum.  I can't tell you how many times as they are leaving at the end of class that students say to me how much fun they had. There is no better confirmation than that.”  Drumtastic, also taught by Deb Jepson, will move to Fairview School in January, where an entirely new group of students will be on the move with music!

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